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Download the Eurotrader: Copy Trading app to follow the experts, learn from the best, and connect with our trading community!

Do it all on the go

Eurotrader: Copy trading is available as a mobile app, meaning you can learn, copy and trade on the go! You can also monitor and analyse the performance of your open positions no matter where you are.

Download the Eurotrader: Copy trading app straight to your smartphone or tablet and never miss a trading opportunity.

Connect and copy

One great way to learn is to ‘do’. With Eurotrader: Copy Trading, you can discover top traders, auto-copy their trades and learn along the way! Just browse the leaderboard and choose a trader whose style you like.

What’s more, Eurotrader: Copy Trading comes with in-app messaging so you can interact with fellow copy traders. You can also enable push notifications to ensure you never miss a moment!

Learn together

The Eurotrader: Copy Trading community is there to help you, whether you need support or just a second opinion. Reach out to other traders, chat to experts and share your own trading wisdom with everyone on the platform.

You can also compare trades and keep an eye on each other’s activity. After all, one of the best ways to learn is from each other!

How to sign up to Eurotrader: Copy Trading

Make sure you have a Eurotrader account.

Make sure you have a Eurotrader account.

To get started, you’ll need a live MT4 trading account. With Eurotrader, it only takes three steps to set one up!

Download the Eurotrader: Copy Trading app & open an account.

Download the Eurotrader: Copy Trading app & open an account.

Enter your details and tell us about your trading interests. Enter the login code sent to the mobile device. If it does not arrive, opt for an email version.

Link your MT4 account.

Link your MT4 account.

Enter your MT4 details. You can only auto-copy with a live account. Make sure your MT4 account is funded via My eurotrader.

There you are! Ready to chat and trade!

There you are! Ready to chat and trade!

Don’t forget to complete suitability questions before making the first trade.

Download the Eurotrader: Copy Trading app

Download the app to join our growing trading community and learn from the best!

Frequently asked questions

Eurotrader: Copy Trading is entirely free of charge, just like our regular trading services. You will, however, still be subjected to the industry-wide trading costs that every broker applies to trades to cover the costs of executing orders.

Also, note that some Signals in Spotlight might charge. If you apply to copy a Signal, we’ll let you know whether the Signal charges a fee.

You can always connect, follow and interact with other traders having accounts with other brokers.

You have the option of how visible you allow your profile and trading activity to be. If you don’t want anyone seeing your trades, there’s an option to hide your account while following and connecting with others.
Auto-copying is when your trading account automatically copies the trades of another account. You can still manage your own trades by monitoring and closing them on Eurotrader: Copy Trading whenever you like.
Eurotrader: Copy Trading provides some basic stats as guidance to the profitability of an account.

However, please be aware that any past performance does not guarantee future results.

It is advised that you 'Follow' an account before you start auto-copying.

Following is free and lets you monitor a Signal’s live performance. Simply navigate to a trader's profile. Select 'Follow' and you can monitor their ability by receiving updates as and when they place a trade.

Yes. It is very important to be in complete control when auto-copying. You can open AND close any trades whenever you like.

It's very easy:

  • Select the user.
  • Go to their Eurotrader Profile.
  • Select Copy.
  • Complete the suitability questions (you'll only be asked these once).
  • Select the trade type and the subsequent options.
  • Select start.
All trades fixed to one size.
Copies signal trade size, irrespective of account size. For example, if you auto copy an account that places a trade of 0.01 lots, you will copy at 0.01 lots.

Mirror Master Risk allows you to adjust the risk your account will take when auto-copying another user.

Let’s explore the following example:If you auto-copy another account and set the Amount to Mirror at 1.0, your account would copy trades with the SAME risk taken by the master Signal.

If you had £10,000, copying a signal with £1,000 on the account. If the Signal placed a trade of 0.01 lots, you would copy at 0.1 lots. Your account size is 10x larger - therefore, your trade size will be to match the risk.

Suppose you changed your amount to mirror to 2.0. Using the same example, your lot size would be double the Signals, e.g., 0.2 lots. You are therefore INCREASING your exposure.
If you entered 0.5, your lot size would be half 0.05 lots. In this instance, you are DECREASING your exposure.

Is there a limit on mirror master risk?

There is no limit on how much you can enter in the section 'Mirror Master Risk'. For example, you could enter 2.0. This would mean that your account would trade positions 2x larger than the signal relative to equity on the account.

No, unfortunately not. In order to auto-copy, you need a live MT4 account. You can still follow traders though and learn how they perform, before moving to the real thing.
Not just yet. That will be coming very soon though!

Reasons to join Eurotrader: Copy Trading

Earn awards

Earn awards

Fill your digital trophy case with special awards when you hit different milestones.

Ready to go

Ready to go?

Open an account today and start your Eurotrader journey!

Risk warning: FX and CFD trading involves a high risk of loss.

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